In times of huge malls and super stores and chain restaurants and outlets, everything looks alike. Mass production for quick construction and increased profit lead to duplicate communities.We can say the same is true for house builders and construction companies. Nothing is unique. Most of the home designs are replicas of something you�ve seen before. If you are planning to buy a new house in a newer development or the suburbs, chances are, you might have a handful of design layouts to choose from. Most of the neighbourhood looks repetitive. And ofcourse when you are investing a huge sum to buy something so special, you don�t want your neighbour to have the same thing too. Hence, we have a few ideas which can make your house stand out and look customised. Personality Driving around the neighbourhood, you will find a lot of photocopy houses. How can you make yours, a little different. There is something comforting about living in a community; a sense of security and familiarity. But then they are also competitive when it comes to real estate. Give your house a little personality to make sure that it sees a greater return, in case you ever want to sell it. Make your house a home by tweaking it here and there Step Back In Time Being surrounded by a concrete contemporary jungle, the most innovative way would be, to go historic. If you�re trying to break the monotony, let your house tell your story. The right remodelling techniques can add a flavour to your boring house. But then again, it doesn�t have to be a big project. Go for small changes. Instead of a steel window frame, go for a carved European window with stained glasses. Take out the carpet and put wood flooring. Swap for an engraved fireplace mantel. It is these finer points which can make your house stand out and speaks of your taste. Crescent Homes is best homes builder in guelph Ontario come to us for best deal on homes and flats Happy homing!