You just don’t have to be the saviour of the world or reducing the Green House Effect, if you’re trying to be energy efficient. It also takes off a lot of load from your wallet. It could be something as small as shutting the lights when you leave a room or something huge as installing solar panels. Some of these are one time things and others are small things you do every day. It’s ok to not imply ALL of these; even a few tweaks here and there are enough!
#1 Insulation :- Insulating your walls and ceiling prevents the warm air from escaping and keeps the cold outside. This reduces your heating cost. And in summers, keeps the house cool.
#2 Windows :- Aluminium panes facilitates heat exchange. Vinyl is a better option. Multiple panes act as insulators. Tinting windows goes a long way in keeping the heat locked. Blinds help sunlight reach the interiors and you can save energy and electricity consumption.
#3 Appliances :- New appliances are more energy efficient and cost lesser electricity units. Water fixtures like showers and flush; can be toned down to lower pressure; reducing your water bill.
#4 Furnace :- Change the filters regularly, opt for programmable thermostat and shut the vents of lesser used rooms; like the guest rooms.
#5 Fluorescent Lighting Fixtures :- These are a little more expensive than regular bulbs, initially; but the bills are lower.
#6 Solar Panels:- Installing these is a one-time investment but you are producing your own energy.
#7 Trees :- Plant trees on the side of the house that receives more sun. The tree will help you keep the surroundings cool and during winters, bare tree will allow the sun to come in.
#8 Tax Incentives :- The government has made reforms and in the wake of the hour gives monetary funds; incase you want to install eco-friendly components. Make sure you enjoy that benefit.
#9 Rainwater :- You could build a DIY water collector and use it for irrigating your garden. Sounds easy? It is. Give it a try and let us know. Crescent Homes is a Canadian Real Estate Company that provides best homes and apartments in Guleph. It provides best Home for sale in guleph visit to Crescent Homes for more information. Happy homing! crescent homes: Visit us for homes for sale guelph Ontario, new homes , houses for sale, Sales of homes , Ready to move in homes