Every time we pick up the newspaper or switch on the television, we are flooded with save the earth/planet’ etc. slogans. It’s not like we don’t care, but more often than never we don’t know what to do. We do want to help, but how? I have a few tips, which you can easily implement and do you share to make it a better place, (for you and for me and the entire human race).
Tip 1: Drink filtered water: Packaging of bottled water, consumes energy, involves plastic, and costs more. Try avoiding it and reduce plastic consumption. And to top it off, filtering water is inexpensive.

Tip 2: Avoid plastic: Most of us have plastic containers to store left over food, microwave dishes are plastic, glasses/plates etc. are plastic. Yes, they are less expensive and prettier looking than glass ware but are no degradable. Look for eco-friendly ceramic or glass utensils, next time you go shopping.

Tip 3: Dishwasher tricks: Try to run the dish washer only when it’s full. You save energy and water, in this case. Let your utensils air dry or spend time with family while drying them by hand.

Tip 4: Cleaning products: Use products which are non-toxic and do not contain PERC or QUATS or Ammonia or other harmful chemicals. You are not only harming the environment but your family too. An average household cleaning product consists of almost 62 toxic chemicals. Don’t inhale that stuff, anymore. Switch! The soap which washes down the drain, actually goes out and harms the water bodies or the soil and plants.

Tip 5: Local markets: try to do your grocery shopping from weekly markets rather than superstores. In this way, you are supporting the local farmers and you be sure that they are using organic fertilizers. Tip 6: Meat: Even if you cut down on meat for a day, in a week, you help the environment in a big way. Give it a try!

Tip 6: Meat: Even if you cut down on meat for a day, in a week, you help the environment in a big way. Give it a try!

There you go. Looks easy. And trust me, it is. The only difficult one is #6, if at all. Crescent Homes, work out of Guelph Ontario and this is

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Happy homing.

Have a good day.