After years of yearning, the time is here to build your own dream home. But before you start putting up family photos, you need the right home builder, for you. ‘For you’ being the key word here.

There are hundreds of custom home builders, for you to take your pick, but then you need the one, who understands your needs, the best. The most important thing you need to check while doing your reference checks are; is the builder licensed and certified and do they deliver on time.

Sticking to the code, is extremely vital; whether you’re a serial killer or a new home builder. More often than never, we drive across houses which are unfinished, well, they didn’t do their homework properly.

Secondly, it is also important to check the kind of houses your favorite builder builds and has built in the past. Ask them for addresses of the houses, they have built; visit them and ask the owner right questions. See if they were satisfied with the service. Did they get to move in on time? Was the whole process hassle free? Et all. Red flag, if he doesn’t want to share this information with you.

Money, the answer for almost all your problems. A good custom home builder will not try to rip you off. Instead, he will try to give you everything you need in your budget. It is an expensive investment, but then you have to live with it, literally.

There are a whole lot of things, you need to go with before deciding who’ll be right for your future home. But licensing, past work and money; are the three most crucial ones.

Keep these in mind and have a good time. To learn more about

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Happy homing!

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