We read books, blogs, watch movies just do get it right in our own home. But here�s a list of things, which you should not EVER do, when decorating/redecorating. Let someone else make a choice for you: It is your personal abode, why should someone else make the decision? Even if you hire professional help, they can advise but last call should always be yours. Paint first: Decide on the furniture, upholstery and other things before you decide the color of the room. Decide the color based on a swatch: It might look great in extra lighting in the store but how will it look in the entire room? Get a small gallon of paint. Paint a corner of the wall and imagine and decide; to color or not to color. Ignore psychology of the color: You may not know it, but it is true. There are studies supporting this theory. Read up a little bit and keep it in mind. Putting the furniture along the wall: Make more conversation friendly sitting arrangements by grouping the furniture accordingly. Overdo it: Cluttering the place with unwanted pieces is never a good idea. There are a lot of pretty things in the store, but all of them don’t have to find home in your home. Mismatched furniture: Unless you can’t mix and match it with other pieces in the room, don’t gather them around in the room. It hurts the eye. Contemporary: It might look chic now but it’ll be out dated before you know it. Invest in more classic pieces. They last you a life time. Settle for cheap: Don’t. Just because you can afford 2 in that much, don’t let go of one good piece. Am I making sense? Things in your house, are an investment. If it’s expensive, save for it. Don’t buy cheap things just because you have to. Have fun while you’re doing up you house.