These days bathrooms are getting more upscale than ever.

This is due to the busy schedule we all have. Once you start living in the house, you realize that the bathroom is where you can relax, think and unwind after a long day at work. So, it’s more than important to put in some extra thinking in this area.

A few trends that I see on an increase are tubeless stall showers, walk-in or doorless showers, water saving washroom techniques, radiant heated floors and accessibility. To start with remodeling, always take a little advice from the professionals, as you don’t want to mess it up, if it’s your first time.

Floor: Porcelain floor goes a long way if you want a low maintenance floor. For non-slippery go for a matte finish or smaller tiles with line grips. Check with the local codes for dimensions and clearance, if you’re going to get a customized home.

Wiring: While you’re at it, change the wiring so that you don’t have to do it in the next few years.

Space: With the right light and proper colors you can get the illusion of a spacious bathroom. And you can always find little hacks to fit in all your things.

Avoid accessories: Try to make niches in the bathroom, so that it,s not cluttered and you have clean empty spaces.

Sink: There are multiple options here. Choose the one that suits your needs. If it’s a small space, go for pedestal or else for a more elegant looking vessel sink.

Bathtub: One rule; sit in it before buying it.

Mirror: Get large mirrors to make the place look much bigger and to admire yourself.

Counter Tops: There are again more than one options here. Go for a natural stone, as they are scratch resistant. Resin based; not as pretty as the natural stone but looks neat. Wood, very Asian and old fashioned; has its own charm. The list can go and on.

Do your research!

Well, I think this is enough to get you started. Good luck.

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