Bed: We spend around one-third of our day in the bed. Make sure it is comfortable. It is okay to invest in an expensive bed because you will not be changing it in the next ten years at least.

Sofa: These come in many shapes, sizes and price. Choose the best you can afford. After the bed, this will be the most used piece of furniture. It will see a lot of conversations, mood swings and sleepovers.

Dining Table: It can’t be too big, it can’t be too small. It will be the focal area of your dining room. You will have guests here and a dining table can make or break a meal..err deal.

Chairs: Wooden ones are less expensive but upholstered are more comfortable for long meals. The ones with arm rests look grand and can be moved around, in case there is a sitting space crisis.

Chest of Drawers: It can hold your clothes, CDs, papers or absolutely anything else. Choose a piece which can be placed in multiple locations. These find usage in the bedroom, kitchen or even bathroom.

Ottoman: An upholstered stool which can act as a small table in the room or foot-rest or bum rest. It is versatile and can be of any shape. It can be placed in the living room or bedroom, without looking odd.

Lighting: They decide the final feel of any room. You can go for a lot of light in the kitchen, but you might want to keep it a little low for the lounge. Go for lamps and other such fixtures.

Guest Bed: We often remember this only when we have a guest in the house. Spend a little now, it�s always in investment. Get a sofa cum bed or air bed which is easily to inflate and deflate, in case of a space crunch.

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