What we consider a necessity in today’s time was a luxury many years ago. Yes, I am talking about the television, which in today’s time a mandate for every room. A lot of home consider it to be the centre piece. Well it’s not a techno blog, where we discuss the pros and cons of a television or another such argumentative discussion.

TVs are getting cheaper and more easily accessible. It’s crazy by the number of these things are present in a household. So we thought let’s do a piece on how to position them, since we are going to get them anyway. More than 90% of people have confirmed of watching TV in their bed, so let’s figure out how to adjust them in your room.

We love watching TV in bed, there you go, I accepted it. But here are a few design ideas and inventions which make this even more welcoming.

Angle Of the Idiot Box

The angle of the TV is essential to comfort. It’s always advisable to put it at a height or on a mount. Never put it in a corner or a small desk in front of your bed. If these options are not feasible for you, here are a few alternatives.

Pillow: get a stiff support pillow, which will keep your neck cushioned and not let you wake up with a sore neck the next morning.

Prop Chair: Get one with glass holder and arm rests. Very comfortable and back friendly.
Glare Glasses: These are the nerdy looking yellow glasses which gamers use. Well they don’t let your eye pay for your sins. Or you can even go for angled ones, they help your eyes and neck. Win-win.

Remote Controlled Bed: Get an adjustable bed which will rise and fall with a remote. They might not look very pretty and carved but are great for your back and neck.

Or, if you’re rich and famous, get a built in TV set. It will pop out from your bed and go back right I once your’e done. Pretty cool, eh.

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