Attic Stories

Do you want to expand your living space? Have more rooms? Have kids growing up? I am sure it does not sound unfamiliar to you. We have all been through this or know someone who is going through this, right about now. We all look for expansion of rooms once the family grows. No one complains about a little extra square footage and space. You could go in for big projects, shifting to a bigger house or instead you can convert your attic into a room.

Before you think of a major renovation project at hand, you need to think it through. You need to have your head clear before you hire the right home builder to do the job. It always helps in communicating your ideas better and ensures everyone is on the same page.

Some questions you might want to ask yourself; is it going to be a guest room, kid’s room, library or an office? You could also use the attic as a speciality room and get a pool table or a home theatre system. The possibilities are endless.

You might also want to look into the design of the attic, is the roof pitched or not. Is there enough space. Use all of this for your convenience and create a unique room. Ask the contractors or home builders will you need to reinforce the floor to hold the extra furniture etc. Before committing to a project, think it through.

It is a mandate to get a building permit if you want to add extra living space in your house. Your home builders might be able to help you with this situation. But be doubly sure, so that you don’t land up yourself a suit or unsafe living conditions.

But once all this is sorted out, attic conversion can be a fun project. It might be a little heavy on your pocket but look at it like an investment. It will give you extra space and also increase the market value of your house.

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