Burglary Poof Homes

Some things are not in our control but something are. Burglaries are becoming a very common problem in neighbourhoods. Here are a few tips to keep your home safe from thefts.

If you’re on a vacation

Discontinue the newspaper service and get your trusted neighbour to get you newspapers and mails.
Get a gardener to rim the lawn, while you’re away.
Install a radio or light timer, so that the house looks lived in.
Leave a car in the driveway for the same reason.
Check your voice mail once in a while and delete old messages to prevent over flowing.

Don’t leave the spare key under the foot mat or any such predictable corners.

Make sure the entrances, including windows are well locked. We often forget to lock the higher floor’s windows or garage doors, making the house more susceptible to crime.

Get a security alarm. It’s always a good investment.

Security windows, a little expensive, but go a long way in making the house more secure. They are toughened and break proof.

Motion sensor lights for entrances or porch is another good idea. When someone tries to break in, these lights will come on, giving the burglars a scare.

Keep the high end valuable, away from the window so that people passing by cannot see them. Don’t show off and invite trouble.

Photograph valuables to avail insurance. And also as proof.

Install a safe vault in your house. These are easily available now days. You can get them online too. Most safe vaults come pre-installed with security alarms. If tried to access without the right code or key, they send off an alarm to the neighbouring police station.

Get a pet. Dogs are a perfect security system for your home. They are not only noisy but if trained properly can act as a guard to your home. A lot of people, who don’t have pets, also go for ‘Beware of Dog’ signs.

Have a tall fencing. Someone is bound to suspect mischief on seeing a person trying to climb the hedge and raise an alarm.

Have a safe trip while you’re away!