Counter top Ideas

Wood ledges or counter tops are a snug expansion to any kitchen because of their normal appearance, unmistakable shading plans, and point by point grains. They likewise go about as a pleasant accent to any hardwood floors or cabinetry framework in the house. Despite the fact that they as a rule have a legitimate obsolescent feel, they’re additionally smooth and rich to match any present day outline. So clearly they look warm and welcoming, however they likewise serve as a more viable kitchen apparatus than most other surface materials.

Stacked Construction

Wood counters are comprised of hardwoods, for example, maple, oak, cherry or teak. However, they don’t come in huge sheets or bits of wood. Rather, they are collected in parts: cut strips stacked upon each other and firmly stuck. Ordinarily they differ in thickness (from 2-20 inches) contingent upon their utilization and area. Despite the fact that they’re all developed in a comparative manner, there are likewise a few unique approaches to arrange them. Here are two unique styles to browse:

Edge Grain: This is when portions of wood are set length-wise and edge to edge, framing longer, sleeker surfaces. Normally utilized for most any customary ledge, this development looks smooth and lovely in any kitchen.

End Grain: Often utilized as a part of butcher squares or islands, this development uses short pieces of wood masterminded so that the closures point up, uncovering their development rings. These wood counters are normally thicker, structure a checker-board design, and are more solid. Actually, when utilizing a blade against this surface, the cutting edge isn’t even dulled on the grounds that it presses between the grain rather than against it.

You can decorate the counter tops to give them an ancient Greek feel or a chic stylish look. It all depends on the accessories and add-ons you wish to put around it. You can add a vase and refill it with fresh flowers to it, every day. Or put family photographs around it. Counter tops in the kitchens are for you to play around, but make sure nothing is flammable and you don’t get too carried away. After all, counter tops have a purpose and it’s up to you to ensure that it is not lost.


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