Curtain Rings and Its Uses

Shower: on the window ornament bar to hold additional items: lofts, wash fabrics, wipes, razors, and so on.

What about a Don’t-Knock-I’m-Busy sign on the entryway?

Obviously there are dependably those little attestation note cards – now you have a less demanding approach to keep them in perspective: cut one to a shade pole ring and hang it on anything around the mirror.

In the room.

In the wardrobe: window ornament rings are impeccable to hold scarves, pieces of jewelry – why, you can hang them right beside the outfits you adore matching them with!

In the storage room: we should take that first tip a bit more distant: a few individuals really have coordinating underwear for outfits – truly, we’re not kidding – and a window ornament ring would be a flawless approach to keep them together. Simple to get and no seeking needed.

Again in the storage room: what about those trouser socks? Since they’re so natural to lose in the sock drawer, why not hang them from a window ornament ring in the storage room?

Still in the storage room (yes, we know it’s not funny): have a thing that you just can’t fit anyplace, similar to that belt with the monstrous clasp?

In the passage.

Kids’ gloves, caps, scarves – even the children on the off chance that they’re sufficiently light!

Go and innovate with these curtain rings and let us know how you like to use them.
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