Home Construction Myths

A lot of people avoid building houses these days. They consider production houses being a better and safer bet. They are worried about the cost, time and peace of mind. But that’s not the truth, always. There are a lot of myths involved with getting your own house constructed. Crescent Homes is going to bust them for you.

Myth #1: It is too expensive.

Newly constructed houses are more expensive than production homes or resale homes. But that is changing. You also need to remember this is going to be your house, all the way. You can design it the way you like and you can omit out the things you don’t like. You might want an office space and one less bathroom in the house. It is possible only if you get one constructed. You can talk to your builder about your budget and cut down on extra spending.

Myth #2: It takes too long to build.

Thanks to modern building technology, that’s not true anymore. Once you know what you want in your new home, the construction company will deliver to you as quickly as possible. We are becoming quicker and more efficient with every project we handle. Once your finances are solid, you can be living in your new home in a matter of months.

Myth #3: Hidden costs.

More often than never, this is true for most of the builder companies. They do not quote extra charges in the beginning. But we can guarantee you, this never happens at Crescent Homes. We give you  a fair idea about how much money you will be spending throughout the process. We make a budget and we stick to that.

Myth #4:Too much work.

Well, we do not deny that. But we make the process as hassle-free for you, as possible. Of course, it could be a project of a lifetime for you. We highly recommend you to put your heart and soul into it. But not your peace of mind. We take care of the processes. You tell us what you like and we will deliver it to you as smoothly as possible.

We understand you and your needs. It is important to you, hence it is important to us.

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Happy Homing.