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There are a million things you can do on your own in your house, but here are a few things you shouldn’t. The other side of the coin includes these few things, which you should not try on your own; leave it to the professionals or just don’t do it.

#1 Your own electrical fixtures

Unless you’re a certified electrician or shock proof, don’t do your own electrical fixtures. One wrong move and you can have a black out, if not worse. Leave it to the professionals. You might not be well versed with the security measures related to this task. Be safe, is the mantra.

#2 Don’t go overboard with remodelling

Don’t spend a lot of money on making changes every month. Keep in mind, the return you will be getting on this investment and keep it realistic. Simple houses till date have the most resale value, any continent you go. Too much additions might make your home seem out of place.

#3 Plumbing

Cleaning the faucet is another thing, but if you have a leakage, call a pro. They know it best how to get to the root of the problem and fix it from the source. You don’t want your cutlery swimming, the next morning, now! It’s too much at stake.

#4 Animal Stink

Don’t fool yourself into thinking your pet doesn’t carry a foul smell. You might be used to it, but your guests aren’t. Homes with pets need more attention to odour management and professional cleaning. Get your carpets vacuumed more often. Spray room fresheners occasionally and clean your pet every week.

#5 Don’t park in your yard.

We all know this rule, so don’t be the person who does this. Keep your yard clean and trimmed, you don’t want to be the eyesore of the entire neighbourhood.

Happy Homing.

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